Baal Industries Company

Baal Industries Company was established in 1984 with the subject of production and installation of industrial machinery, automation, airport equipment and structures.

Industrial Group  baal It is one of the prominent industrial and production complexes in the region. The complex offers a wide range of airport equipment, including passenger bridge bridges (PBBs) and intelligent passenger cargo handling systems (BHS) and related services.

With continuous innovation and specialized personnel, using up-to-date technology and quality raw materials, Bal Industrial Group tries to meet the expectations of international airports, and in order to achieve these goals, in its wide range of production equipment, all It has considered the aspects of design, construction, installation, training, operation, maintenance and supply of spare parts.

The company has sufficient knowledge, experience and resources to provide services of passenger transport bridges (PBB) with the highest quality and reliability.


The company in order to improve the quality and optimal use of available resources to gain customer satisfaction with the help of the most qualified and skilled personnel and also the use of the most up-to-date production equipment such as laser machine, CNC bending and design software and… to design and manufacture Passenger Transmission Bridges (PBB) and Intelligent Passenger Freight System (BHS).

The company in line with the development of the aviation industry and in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of airports and airlines, reduce operating costs and increase the service life of airport equipment using the most up-to-date method and innovation in production to design and manufacture equipment Has needed the country.

Increasing the speed and improving the quality of response and integration of support services, training, operation, maintenance and supply of spare parts is one of the main goals of this company to increase customer satisfaction.

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