Trolley TS100 with strong and beautiful design is used in all national airports. Hopefully, most passengers and operators using this trolley as the transportation cargos are completely satisfied with this product.

 Properties of the product:

Strong and light body with Aluminum profiles

Suitable advertising space

Steel baskets

Antibacterial handle

Plastic damper to prevent the damages

Efficient braking system

High resistance of the wheels


Advantages of installation of the deposit stations are as follows:

  • terminal ambiance adjustment
  • better instruction for using the trolleys
  • reduction in the costs of repair and maintenance
  • making money by advertising on stations

Automation systems of passenger trolley:

This is an ideal system for airports with the aim of making a self-service line to present trolleys. This system could be presented by two models of deposit and payment units:

  • easy access of the passengers
  • management of supply and distribution of trolleys in the terminals
  • reduction of collection costs
  • reduction of the costs of repair and maintenance
  • making money by advertising on stations
  • flexibility in payment methods or supplying coins
  • more control on probable leakage

Collecting of the passenger trolley

The advantages of using trolley motor vehicles can be mentioned as follows:

  • saving time
  • reduction of work force
  • reduction of the costs of repair and maintenance
  • more arrangement in airports

Advantages of using monitoring system in trolleys can be mentioned as follows:

  • complete supervision on collection and removing leakage methods
  • management of the distribution of the trolleys
  • saving time
  • reduction in the work forces

Repair and maintenance of trolley:

The most important issue in the quality of providing services is attention to repair and maintenance. Maintenance of the quality, efficiency and incomes of advertising of trolleys need a visit plan and PM services related to trolleys.