In addition to the lightness and ease of transport, the trolleys of the Baal industrial Co. is able to carry about 200 kg.

In addition to providing trolleys, Baal Industrial Co. provides Deposit Trolley Station and Trolley Management Systems in two models of cost and rail.

Deposit Trolley Station

To place the trolleys and facilitate the use of the passengers, they bring trolleys at a specific location and back in the way that occupy the least space, which is referred to as the Depo Station.

Trolley Management Systems

In order to provide easier services to passengers, and to bring trolleys back to their depo, various trolley management options, including cost and rail, are used at airports.

The benefits of using trolleys management systems include:

– Make sure the passenger has easy access

– Manage supply and distribution of trolleys at terminals

– Reduce collection costs

– Reduced maintenance costs

– Flexibility in payment methods or coins

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