Visit of the Minister of Roads and Urban Planning from the Terminal Gallery Hello Dr. Akhundi:

 We have tried to build jet and air terminal of the Hi-Term terminal as much as possible with indigenous and indigenous equipment. The Minister of Roads and Urban Development of the Salam Gallery has been created, according to the Imam Khomeini Airport (IKACNews); Dr. Abbas Akhundi, Minister of Road and Urban Development, along with a group of deputies of this ministry, Moghimi governor of Tehran and Managing Director and members of the board of the Noor Airport city airport, visited the different parts of the Salam terminal at Imam Khomeini International Airport on 22nd of September. “I have been trying to replace the jet systems and the Air Terminal Helicopter,” said Roads and Urban Development The Iranian and indigenous equipment should not be built, and we can claim that we have trained an airport design, construction, and implementation team in Iran. The ghostly doctor said that giant aircraft could be connected to the air bridges designed at the Hi-Term terminal and The largest airliners at this airport are able to land and take off and can serve their passengers through a telescopic bridge. It should be noted that the JetVis and the Hi-Term Air Terminal were built by the Wing Industries Company.