Cross belt

سورتینگ پست ملی

What is a crossbelt?

The Cross Belt Sorting System is the latest load transfer and separation system, which includes independent carriers that move the load individually on the main route and finally unload it at its own place.

The application of this type of sorting is very wide, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Envelopes, packages and small envelopes in the post and courier industry
  • Shoes and clothes
  • Packaged plastic products with high friction surface such as newspaper distribution industry
  • Unstable and sensitive products such as frozen foods, cakes
  • Industries with high product variety
  • Cargo transportation at the airport or transportation centers

Among the unique features of this system, we can mention its remarkable speed, which can be increased up to 2.5 meters per second according to the required capacity of the system.

The size of the carriers can be changed according to the dimensions of the received load, and if the dimensions of the load are large, two carriers can be used to transport it. Each carrier can be designed to carry a load of up to 35 kg. Unloading can be done at any desired point every time.

Due to the fact that emptying can be done from both sides, the available space can be used optimally.

What does the crossbelt look like?

A crossbelt system is a large rotating conveyor with smaller conveyors on top of it that move independently in a direction perpendicular to the main direction of movement of the rotating conveyor. These small conveyors allow loading and unloading from the rotating conveyor. 

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