T- Head

Different parts of T-HEAD

1. The main tunnel

The main tunnel, which only has height movement, is connected from one side to the terminal and from the other side to the small moving tunnel (T-head).

2. T-HEAD tunnel

The small tunnel is perpendicular to the main tunnel, which itself has longitudinal movement and is able to move vertically with the help of a carriage.

3. Stroller

The sliding system is inside the column, which guides the vertical movement and makes two structures rise and fall at the same time.

4. Hydraulic lift

This system is used to raise the carriage, which includes hydraulic valves, electric motors, pressure breakers, control valves, etc. All circuits have a locking system, which is automatically locked in case of rupture or bursting of pipes in any part of the system. For the safety of the device, in case of any power failure, the hydraulic oil can be drained manually.

5. Cabin

This structure is connected to the plane by turning left and right.

6. Service staircase

The stairs are used for the passage of airport employees or other responsible people. Also, this staircase can be used in emergency situations to take passengers out. This staircase is designed in such a way that it can be used by changing the height of the telescopic bridge.

7. Control panel

The panel table plays the role of an intermediary between the operator and the system. The design of this part is such that in addition to high efficiency, the presence of HMI and complete facilities, the user can easily use it. Bridges are also controlled by PLC system.

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