pca baalco

Tools that can be installed on telescopic bridges:

  • GPU
  • PCA
  • VDGS

Air Conditioning Systems (PCA)

The design and production of this device is as an auxiliary equipment of the bridge and at the customer's request, and it has the role of providing air conditioning for the aircraft during parking. By installing this device on the bridge, one of the tools and machines on the side of the plane is removed for service.

  In fact, PCA provides comfortable air in the airplane cabin during parking (the airplane engine is off). As a result, parked aircraft no longer need to use portable diesel equipment for air conditioning. PCA systems are remarkably quiet in operation, reducing fossil fuel consumption and subsequently the production of harmful gases.

Helping to have a green world

Global warming is a big problem, but we can slow it down. Since the heat of the earth is caused by the production of greenhouse gases, and many greenhouse gases are also obtained from our daily activities, then we can at least reduce our own contribution to the production of these gases.

Industrial Group By supporting this global movement, it has started to produce its devices with global standards.

Also, by providing its own support equipment such as PCA, GPU, it reduces car traffic and reduces pollution.