Telescopic bridge


PBB Abbreviation Passenger Boarding Bridge PBB stands for Passenger Boarding Bridge. The main purpose of building and installing passenger transfer bridges is the connection between the terminal and the plane in order to facilitate the transfer of passengers and flight crew with high speed and safety (from the terminal to the plane and vice versa), which is used in major airports around the world. 

Two models of common types of bridges connecting to airplanes:

T- head passenger boarding bridge

Apron drive

Bal Industrial Group provides equipment for airports and airlines, including portable and fixed aircraft air conditioning system (PCA), aircraft park guidance system VDGS, portable and fixed 400 Hz power supply unit (GPU), all of which are in this Collections are prepared.

Bal Industrial Group provides PBB, PCA, GPU, VDGS maintenance, operation, training, spare parts, upgrading and rebuilding, installation and commissioning according to your needs.


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