Baggage Handling Systems

BHS صنایع بال

What is BHS?

This phrase is an abbreviation of BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM and means an intelligent system for transferring luggage with passengers. BHS is actually an upgraded airport conveyor system in the departure section. Next we will explain about BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM.  What is BHS ?

 BHS includes the following separate products:

 Weighing systems

Flat belt conveyors( BF)

Power curve belt

Integrating conveyor belts

Distance conveyors

Pallet revolving conveyors (flat and sloping)



Weighing systems  :

 This system is used to weigh the passenger load and transport. Its features are low height for loading, beauty and ease of maintenance. According to the automatic load transfer system, this device is made in one part, two parts or multiple parts.

سیستم توزین ساخته صنایع بال

Flat belt conveyors( BF)

This device is used to transfer loads in a straight line. Flexible design (power, speed, dimensions) is one of the features of this conveyor.

تسمه نقاله خطی ساخته صنایع بال

Curved conveyor belts or BC

BC or  BELT CURVE  This category of conveyors is designed to transport passengers on curved paths. This product in 45 angles. 90. 180 degrees is produced. One of the most important advantages of using this device can be mentioned is the reduction of load standstill time and load damage at intersections.


BJ or  BELT JUNCTION  is used to integrate the passenger load from the linear conveyor path to another device with a different direction. Among its capabilities, it is possible to design at angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees, which is required according to the structure.

تسمه نقاله صنایع بال


Distance conveyors

The purpose of the design of this category of conveyors is to create a gap between the luggage (cargo) and to separate them from each other. Also, by using programming systems, the speed of this device can be controlled or it can be turned off and on in order to separate loads.

فاصله انداز صنایع بال

Pallet or carousel conveyors 

 Ability to build in different shapes is a unique feature of this product

نقاله گردان پالتی صنایع بال


The end part of BHS, which is used to separate different loads and connect them to different companies of each flight.

There are different types of sorters such as: Crossbelt, Caterpillar, Popup, etc.


The final part of the BHS, which is often transferred to this part, is carried by the cargo handling person and transferred to the plane. 

 at the end:

 The conveyor belt system is designed and implemented from the combination of the components mentioned in addition to other items and according to the architecture of the building and terminal of each airport. In the future, using control equipment and artificial intelligence and IT, the traditional conveyor belt can be converted into a BHS system. 

The intelligent passenger load transfer system or BHS can be set up in different working modes, such as: BHS ...




 PLC: intelligent load transfer from fixed counters to fixed shots (that is, from the input to the output of the load)

SAC: intelligent load transfer from any country to any shot with operator programming

DCS: intelligent transfer of cargo from the counter to the shoot (load input and output) through the online connection of the BHS system with the airport IT system 

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