What is VDGS?

 VDGS  or  DGS   کوتاه شده ی Docking Guidance System  VDGS or GDS Shortened Docking Guidance System, It means the mooring guidance system of devices that can be installed next to telescopic bridges. This device is used as an aircraft guide to park the aircraft in the correct position through radar and without the help of human or pilot.

 In other words, after the plane enters the apron area, the pilot needs the guidance of the ground agents to park the plane in a specific stand, which is done by the marshal. For example, at Imam Khomeini International Airport, the apron area is divided into two parts, north and south. In some southern stands where the D.G.S system is installed, the aircraft is guided by this system. 

سیستم  D.G.S سیستمی الکترونیکی است که به کمک لیزر، پارک هواپیما را با دقت بالایی انجام می دهد.

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